Each month at Bay Path College Dining, we offer special events and dining features just for you!  Please review our monthly event options and plan to join us for a great time with some delicious food options! 



March 5th – Mardi Gras
March 18th – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!
March 19th – Smoothies at Breakfast
March 21st – Farmer’s Market
March 28th – Delicious DestiNATIONS: Indian Cuisine
March 28th – Birthday Party!


April 2nd – Smoothies at Breakfast
April 4th – Farmer’s Market
April 10th – Street Food Feast
April 16th – Smoothies at Breakfast
April 18th – Delicious DestiNATIONS: Sushi Cones
April 18th – Farmer’s Market
April 25th – Birthday Party!
April 30th – Smoothies at Breakfast


Oatmeal Cookies
May 2nd – Delicious DestiNATIONS: Cuban
May 2nd – Farmer’s Market
May 5th—Cinco de Mayo Fiesta (Sunday Brunch)
May 6th – Munchie Mania and Cram Cart
May 8th – Study Break
May 9th – Summer Birthday Party!